Nightlife Tokyo

We have visited 3 clubs in in the districts Roppongi and Sibuya. We will not list all clubs. There are enough websites where you can find a list of clubs in Tokyo and other cities.



Lexington located in Roppongi is a very popular club under Western clubbers.
It is probabley one of the most international clubs in Tokyo. The atmosphere is nice and the music is a mix of hits from eighties, nineties and dance hits. The "wall of fame" where you can find photos of international celeberties is very famous. The club has also a VIP area.
For Y 3000 - Y 4000 you can drink anything you like.




Club Yellow also known as Space Club Yellow located in a quiet area in Rappongi. Yellow has three areas and a small lounge/sitting area. The music in the main area is usually Techno and Trance. In the small area they play experimental music by local dj's. The club invites also international dj's across the world.
Unfortunetly we were not allowed to use flash photography which make it for us really difficult to make good quality photos. So we took a few photos on the stairs.





Club Asia located in Shibuya is very popular under Asian clubbers in Tokyo. The clubs has three areas and the music is most of the times Techno and Trance. They have also R&B and Hip Hop parties.
Also at club Asia we were not allowd to use Flash photography.